Järfälla municipality needed a small website to promote themselves towards businesses. To show that Järfälla is a great place to run a business from.

Project duration

Aug – Sept 2019


Build a website in WordPress using a set design that was delivered from a designer at another agency.

Deliver the site and hold a workshop with the client so that they can administrate the site themselves.


None really. The design material was complete with structured assets etc. Very smooth project.

The work

One we received the design and assets in early September, we started seeing how we could make a simple site something a bit more refined than a “simple one-pager”.

We decided to set all the “perks” of working in Järfälla and the people to contact as separate pages in order to create a more SEO-friendly site.

This also makes the theme much more versatile and can be used for other purposes in the future.


Project management: Stefan Leijon
Code: Marcus Flodén