Marocco Hamam is a small, Stockholm based business, owned and run by a local entrepreneur.

Project duration

August – November 2017


Give the hamam a new name, design its identity with a goal to attract a clientele that is not as sensitive to price.


Almost no budget.

Tight deadline.

The Work

I started by setting up a branding workshop in order to fine-tune the needs of the business so that we can make strategic decisions.

Workshop results visualized

With these results, I started doing research into the area I needed to immerse myself in to do a good job based on a solid understanding.

With the tonality in place, I started sketching logo ideas, patterns as well as selecting suitable typefaces and color-scheme.


First, we decided on the name. The hamam was previously named “Glamourous”, which I felt communicated a plastic and “fake-luxurious” impression. My solution was a name that is frank and descriptive with a Scandinavian twist. Marocco Hamam was born.

I created a visual identity that has an air of exclusivity while being very personal, intimate and well-rooted in the country of Morocco.

I delivered a visual guide as well as all the assets in order to start producing material using the new identity.



Workshops, Branding and Design: Stefan Leijon