Sophiahemmet Högskola (Sophiahemmet University) is a Swedish institution for higher education associated with Sophiahemmet. In addition to a degree in nursing, the institution also offers programs at advanced level, such as Specialist Nursing programs, as well as Bachelor, Master and Diploma programs.

Project duration

June 2016 – August 2017


Create a new website for Sophiahemmet University from the ground up in an innovative way.


There are a lot of different needs on a University website. Depending on who visits it and to what purpose and when during the year. All these aspects needed to have clear solutions before we even started designing or building the site.

The Work

We started by hosting a workshop for the entire staff of the University. Here we wanted to hear all the different possible visitors to the website and what questions or scenarios they need help with.

We then processed this information and grouped them so that 8 groups of employees could do deep research into each area. We set up an online forum for these groups to submit and discuss their findings.

All the gathered information was sorted and analyzed in order to use as a guide for the idea-process.

Another workshop was held with the whole staff in order to have them prioritize the content from their respective point of expertise.


What we built is a platform that in the initial release will contain all the needs we found from the workshops.

The platform is primed for the second stage of release that will be adaptive depending on who you are as a visitor.

When logged in, the site will adapt to your needs whether you are a student or staff. Depending on what class you’re in, for example, your contacts, schedule, and information will more easily be served in a way that will help you the most.


Creative Director: Stefan Leijon
Designer: Michell Niemistö
Code: Fredrik Laason
Project Manager: Anton Ahlström


Behind the scenes

One of the website-workshops with the whole staff.