“Ability to understand the customer’s problems and complexity and deliver seemingly simple solutions with a high level of creativity.”

Marina Dyfverman, Marketing Manager, Sophiahemmet


Sophiahemmet is a private hospital at Norra Djurgården in Stockholm, Sweden. It is associated with the Sophiahemmet University College. Its connection with the royal family goes back to 1884 when nursing education sponsored by Queen Sophia was still being conducted at the university. The private hospital was constructed in 1889 at its current location on Valhallavägen.

Project duration

October 2013 – March 2016


Our initial brief from the marketing department at Sophiahemmet was to build a new website for one of their clinics; “Öron-näs-halskliniken”.

The brief later expanded to include the whole hospital.


Initially, Sophiahemmet didn’t have a visual identity for digital mediums, so we started there.

Structure and strategic planning was an ongoing challenge throughout these projects.

The Work

We started by creating a visual identity for digital mediums for Sophiahemmet. The inspiration for this came from both their signage on location, but also from their printed material.

We then got to work on the site for the initial clinic, but quickly realized that we needed to make a theme for these clinics instead and set them up on a WordPress multi-site system so that all clinics could easily migrate to a new site with a uniform look.

The site for the whole hospital was based on sketches by Marina Dyfverman, the Marketing Manager at Sophiahemmet. We used these as inspiration while setting the look for the whole site and all its different needs.


The main site, Sophiahemmet Sjukhus, is now the hub for all information about the hospital so that you can easily get information on what you are looking for as well as updates in the form of current news from the Hospital.

A large number of clinics have now also migrated to our new, uniform look.

All sites are adapted for their purposes depending on if you are visiting them from a desktop or a mobile device. Contact information and directions are, for example, moved to the top of the site on mobile devices as you are more likely to be on your way there or in need to contact the hospital if you are viewing the information on a mobile device.


Creative Director: Stefan Leijon
Designer: Michell Niemistö
Code: Fredrik Laason
Project Management: Caroline Picher & Anton Ahlström
Client Contact: Marina Dyfverman, Marketing Manager, Sophiahemmet