A family project. My mother-in-law has over the last few years translated a number of well known Swedish poets to Armenian, and we wanted to turn this work into something that can be shared.

Project Duration

April 2016 – December 2018


The texts were all translated, the illustrations were done. The type and images now needed to be laid out and arranged so it can be printed, and a cover needed to be designed.

The Work

The layout was done in InDesign, I started by creating a template based on grids with readability in mind.

The cover was created in Illustrator and Photoshop.

I also created a custom typeface in Armenian for the title on the book cover to give the title a little more personality.


Design & Layout: Stefan Leijon
Illustrations: Manush Mirzakhanjan
Concept and translation: Jokonda Mirsachanjan

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